Services & Studio

Art Meets Technology

We are a technology-driven, high-end boutique Sound Design, Music Composition and Final Mix studio. We employ the finest equipment and practices from every era of Sound and Music production, and apply these parts to all of our projects. From vintage microphones, to cutting-edge digital processing, the sum of all of these parts collectively makes sonic dreams a possibility.

Our Services

We have a broad base of skills in all areas related to Sound, Music and Final Audio Mixing. Our team is trained and skilled in many different facets of design, from film, commercials, art to new technologies like Gaming & VR. From Recording, whether in remote areas or in studio, Custom Sound Design, Sound effects, Music recording and Production through to Music Composition, Installation Audio, Post Production Final Mixing, and everything between.

We have a deep understanding of branding, with agency credentials. We know our market and how to deliver products that exceed our clients’ wildest dreams.

Post Production & Final Mixing

We operate in all areas of Audio Post Production. From detailed restoration, editing, ADR right through to output. We mix into all broadcast formats and technical specifications like EBU-R128, radio and all web based formats. We also deliver to-spec film and 5.1 Surround sound mixes, as well as delivering custom specification multi channel audio designs for galleries, museums and installations.

Studio & Location Recording

We capture the finest quality ambisonic, VR and surround recordings in the field, record orchestral works for films, all the way through to conceptualising music and sound design solutions for commercials and custom projects.

Music Mixing

With a strong background in music production, we’ve mixed many records. With a studio and monitoring perfectly suited to the task we’ve mixed anything from modern electronic styles, classical, opera, RnB, dance, rock and more.

Clients that trust us

We’ve partnered with a variety of incredible clients who have presented us with some amazing projects. It’s been our privilege to help bring them to life.

Our Studio


Our Cape Town studio is a custom designed, calibrated mixing and sound design space, complete with a 5.1 mixing room, a spacious studio, a custom synthesiser and writing room, offices, kitchen and client meeting area. We are obsessed with the details, and want our guests to feel at home, inspired and creative.


Woking with the finest equipment is essential. Many facilities are happy to believe that average tools will produce great results. This simply isn’t the case. We have invested heavily in the best equipment, so that your projects get what they deserve. From hand made microphones to monitoring. Nothing has been left out. Even our cabling is the finest Japanese-made. You deserve it, and it makes our job easier too.


Both of our rooms are equipped with beautiful high end interface solutions from Metric Halo. The ULN interfaces are without a doubt the most advanced, clearest, cleanest conversion units, and with their new 3D upgrades, both of our rooms are seamlessly network linked to form one system. These same units we use out in the field for location recording, providing unparalleled performance and preamp fidelity.


We have a hand made in Britain full spec PMC TwoTwo surround system, for detailed mixing of film projects. This is also configured to un as a stereo with sub system for music mixing projects. These monitors are the absolute cream of the crop, and need to be heard! 

To add to this, we also use a set of Finnish made Amphion One18 monitors with matching amplifier. These monitors offer a midrange linearity and detail that is sometimes essential for dialling in the perfect balance in midrange elements when needing to perfectly translate to small speaker mediums.

Our second room is equipped with Focal Solo6 monitoring, which is perfect for nearfield, real-World referencing when crafting synth parts and for everyday long hours editing tasks. 

Microphones & Preamps

We have preamps from Avalon like the classic M5 and the 737sp, from Universal Audio the 4710d & 610 tube, Neve 1073, API 512 as well as 16 Metric Halo  to a very well stocked microphone locker, with top shelf options like the Bock 251, Neumann U87, KMi185(pair), KM184(matched pair), Royer 121 matched ribbons, AEA ribbons, Earthworks QTC40 matched pair, Sennheiser 8040 matched pairs to name just a few.


Our synthesiser room is jam packed too, with classics like the ARP2600, MiniMoog, MonoPoly, ARP Odyssey, MS20, to modern classics like the Access Virus Ti. This space is for being creative, and making amazing analogue goodness.

Location & Field Recording Equipment

Since we also design sounds from the ground up, we have several location recording solutions, like fully equipped Sound Devices MP6 & 702 recorders with AMBEO VR mic, and Sennheiser double MidSide cyclone system for in the field surround capture, 816, 416 and blimped versions of studio blumlein setups for in the field capture that is of the finest World-class studio quality.

Of course, none of this would mean a thing if it wasn’t for great coffee! We have this on tap, and while you’re at it, stretch out on our in house climbing wall. Making art should be fun.