Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame – A bridge between Dubai’s Future and Past.

This installation project encompassed three sections – the Past and Future Zone areas, made up of projected content, married with lighting and object theatres, as well as a dedicated recreation of a traditional courtyard and market.

Incorporating authentic Dubai sound design elements and original music composition to picture, this technical installation was a beautiful illustration of Resonate Audio’s ability to marry Client briefs with flawless technical executions. From 16 channel object-based surround designs, to area based environment research and sound design, this museum project had it all.

Over the course of the project we travelled nearly 200 000km, including gathering sounds in the Emirates, extensive research on period specific birds and wildlife, curating traditional music for on-site integration, creating custom area-specific mixes, through to creating a futuristic sound design comp;lete with a Hyperloop, drones of the future, mag-lev cars and Dubai’s space travels and mission to Mars, all mixed into a spherical theatre via 16 speakers.

We also designed a period-specific courtyard & market area, complete with discrete, localised sounds and authentic ambiences to create a realistic impression of the past.


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